When to DIY A Forklift Repair Vs. When to Call an Expert

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Although forklifts are generally rugged, they do break down occasionally due to age, damage, and random, unforeseen circumstances. In the case of a breakdown, you will always want to have a certified mechanic come to evaluate the forklift.  

DIY forklift repairs in Indiana may be quicker, in theory, but they could lead to more problems if done poorly. Calling in an expert for service and maintenance costs time and money. It’s a tough call for your operation, especially if you don’t have an expert technician at your disposal. But forklifts are highly specialized machines that need a trained expert to diagnose and repair. Having a technician come out is a cheaper alternative than an untrained technician making matters worse with an incorrect repair.

When it’s Okay to DIY Forklift Repairs:

Your forklift could be working fine, then one day it just breaks down seemingly without warning. You may think about the money you could save doing your own repairs in-house. But, a forklift is a complex machine, and when it breaks down, it needs proper diagnosis and repair. One rule of thumb for forklift repairs that you can do yourself is that you stick to the same things you can do on your own personal car:

Sure there are DIY forklift repair videos online for more complex repairs, but you might miss something crucial which could result in damage that will cost significantly more than if you had called in a pro. Even finding a diagnosis can be tricky, as what you think is wrong may not be the root cause of the problem. 

For example, if your forklift mast won’t raise, you can perform some troubleshooting yourself with no problem. Topping off your hydraulic fluid can be done easily enough. But tackling a cylinder leak may be too complex of a repair and should be done by an expert.

When to Call a Trained Forklift Repair Technician:

When your forklift stops working, it is not only important to figure out what’s wrong and to fix it but also to catch any other potential problems before they happen. A certified forklift technician can diagnose issues that could become major problems.

Types of Repairs you Should Leave to a Forklift Pro:

  • Electrical and computer system
  • Transmission 
  • Engine
  • Repairs on radiator and cooling systems
  • Worn-down gears or corroded line 
  • Machine body damages which impair performance
  • Braking and steering systems
  • Complicated safety features
  • Hydraulic Repairs
  • Mystery leaks or grinding

Routine Maintenance May Prevent DIY Forklift Repair:

The best DIY advice is to properly maintain the equipment and have routine inspections done by a pro. You know the saying, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." In the case of forklift repairs, having a consistent planned maintenance schedule before equipment failures occur is better than dealing with the aftermath. 

When It’s Time to Call the Experts at Tynan:

When you think that a forklift repair is too complicated to take on yourself, call the certified technicians at Tynan. We will come to your site regardless of whether or not you purchased or rented from us. Just call (317) 597-4003, and we will have your forklifts up and running again before you know it.

Properly maintain your forklift equipment by having routine inspections done by a pro.

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