What To Know About SwingMast Forklifts in Indiana

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If you’ve converted all or part of your storage into narrow-aisle or very narrow-aisle (VNA) shelving, chances are you’ve realized how big a boon maximizing your space can be. We’ve talked before about how narrower shelving and narrow-aisle forklifts can benefit Indiana businesses, but there’s a specific type of narrow aisle lift truck we want to focus on that combines versatility, efficiency, and power.

We’re talking about SwingMast forklifts in Indiana, and why they’re among the best investments you can make in your material handling fleet.

SwingMast Lift Trucks Are Versatile

SwingMast Lifts are some of the most versatile Drexel forklifts available in Indiana. Functionally, a SwingMast forklift can fulfill the roles of four different individual lift trucks: a typical counterbalanced forklift, a sideloader, a turret truck, and a reach truck forklift. That means that even if only part of your storage space is in a VNA arrangement, a SwingMast forklift can easily move between the different areas of your workspace. Imagine, the same forklift can go from straightforward pallet handling to seamlessly transitioning to picking orders in narrow aisles, where its turreting mast can allow it to reach either side of aisles as narrow as 60”.

Different SwingMast models are also available in different engine types. The Drexel R60I4H SwingMast Forklift is LP gas-powered, whereas the Drexel SL60 & SL80 SwingMasts are battery-powered, letting you make the choice that best fits your workplace.

SwingMast Forklifts Combine Power & Efficiency

Some people may think that specialty forklifts lack the straight-up lift power of traditional counterbalance lifts. That just isn’t true, as evidenced by the Drexel SL120 SwingMast Forklift’s ability to easily move loads of up to 12,000 lbs. Knowing this opens up a whole new world of possibilities in your shelving arrangements, as even the heaviest items can be grouped in narrow-aisle or VNA shelving for easy order picking.

Almost all Drexel SwingMasts are available in both three and four-stage masts, meaning they can operate effectively at both low and very high lift heights. That makes SwingMasts perfect for companies trying to maximize space, letting you take advantage of your vertical real estate. Remember, when in doubt–go up, not out.

Tynan Is Your Source For SwingMast Forklifts & Training

If you’re ready to start increasing your usable storage space by up to 50%, narrow-aisle shelving combined with Drexel SwingMast forklifts might be just the solution you need. Tynan Equipment Co. offers both new and used SwingMasts to buy or rent, as well as dedicated service and maintenance in addition to specialized training to get your forklift operators familiarized with the unique capabilities of SwingMast lift trucks.

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SwingMast forklifts are some of the most versatile in Indiana.

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