What Should You Do When You See A Forklift Error Code

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Your Indiana warehouse operates like a well-oiled machine until your forklift fleet starts having mechanical problems. What happens if your forklift displays an error code when you turn the key? What do different codes mean? Can you fix the mechanical problem yourself, or would a better idea be to contact a forklift expert for repair? It all depends on what forklift error code you find.

Common Forklift Problems That Could Trip An Error Code

Most mechanical problems have an error code associated with them. Many new forklift models display the codes on the dashboard monitor. Your most common codes could refer to:

  • “Mast” or lift problems: These happen when your forklift doesn’t raise or lower as expected or moves erratically. Some codes may indicate that the hydraulic system is clogged, while others warn of fluid that needs to be topped off.
  • Low steering fluid levels: Failure to change or top off fluid can seriously jeopardize steering operation and become an immediate risk to employee safety. You may be able to add or change steering fluid as needed, but other issues like worn gears or faulty brakes should be handled as soon as possible by a certified forklift technician.
  • Starting trouble: If you get an error code on your electric forklift, the battery may need to fully recharge. A better option would be to swap it for a new, freshly charged battery if you have one in stock. For an internal combustion engine, check for oil and fuel leaks.

What To Do After You You See A Forklift Error Code

When you see a forklift error, write it down, collecting as much information as you can. When did the error happen? What was the forklift doing when the error occurred? Have you seen the error before? Take a photograph of the error code if possible, then turn off the forklift.

You can find the error code in your forklift owner manual or on the manufacturer’s website. Some manufacturers will also give you expanded error details in their Forklift Fleet Management System. Once you see what’s wrong, you’ll know if it’s a simple fix or if your truck needs extended forklift maintenance.

Just don’t drive it until the error is taken care of. While a problem could seem small and inconsequential, some errors are the effect of a larger problem. Operating a forklift with an error code could lead to unnecessary accidents. Once the source of the error code is taken care of, it will be cleared from the system.

How To Prevent Forklift Error Codes

Following a regular maintenance schedule is the best way to prevent forklift error codes from happening. But what else can you do?

  • Check the battery and make sure auxiliary systems aren’t running when the forklift has been shut off.
  • Check tire pressure. Properly inflated tires result in higher fuel economy, lessen the threat of blowouts, and ensure forklift uptime.
  • Change the oil every three months per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Check coolant levels. Low antifreeze levels can make a forklift overheat or freeze, leading to costly repairs.
  • Replace brake pads and calipers at the first signs of “softness” in the brakes.

Call Tynan When You Find An Forklift Error Code

As Indiana’s premier forklift retailer, we’ve built a 60-year history of delivering exceptional customer service and equipment at the best prices. Tynan Equipment Company is your top choice for forklift repairs and routine maintenance across Indiana. Our technicians are available at 317-597-4003 to help answer questions about forklift error codes.

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