3 Signs Your Indiana Business Needs a High Capacity Forklift

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Indiana companies in the business of handling, storing, stacking, loading and unloading heavy materials and inventory know the things that keep logistics and yard managers awake at night.

Saving time, maximizing available storage footprints, and minimizing staging areas can keep even the most veteran yard bosses tossing and turning, because each new day on the job is measured by inventory moved and dollars earned – no matter how large, awkward or challenging that inventory might be.

These are all signs you might need a high capacity forklift or truck.

Sign 1: Staging Areas Are Slowing Things Down When Deliveries Speed Up.

The versatility provided by a high capacity forklift can allow your operators to do more with less. Inventory that required unloading and staging by one truck, before being moved and stored by another, can be now replaced by a single truck.

The Bendi Series of high capacity forklifts offered by Tynan are available in 3 and 4 wheel models and offer the versatility of handling larger or heavier payloads with the maneuverability advantages of lower capacity forklifts or reach trucks. With large diameter tires for extended under clearance, multiple rated lift capacities and various mast heights available, high capacity forklifts can go from the dock to the rack (and even the paved yard), eliminating extra staging and additional support operators and forklifts.

Sign 2: Your Inventory Is Increasing While Yard Or Warehouse Footprints Are Not.

Another advantage of The Bendi Series of high capacity forklifts (and some of the trucks we offer from Drexel) is their ability to operate in very narrow aisle (VNA) environments.

Design features like narrow mast widths, ultra-compact front ends and articulating masts allow operators to use a high capacity forklift as a traditional counterbalance truck on paved surfaces inside and out. All while maximizing every square inch of VNA storage by effectively replacing reach trucks that require much wider aisles.

And with environmentally friendly electric power, and the ability to managing much heavier loads — high capacity trucks can help you make the most of the space you have available.

Sign 3: Your Current Trucks Aren’t Keeping Up With Unique Inventory Demands.

There’s a perfect tool for every job, and at Tynan, we specialize in helping you find the right high capacity forklift for your uniquely demanding intermodal environment. From telescopic trucks by Sellick designed to extend reach for single-side offloads, to heavy-duty Yale trucks engineered for rugged products like paper, metals, produce and concrete – designed with ease of maintenance and reduced downtime in mind.

We offer specialty trucks and high capacity forklifts that better meet your specific needs, plain and simple. How specific?

Tynan also carries Sellick’s heavy duty high capacity coop handlers; high operator visibility trucks with 2-stage or 3-stage masts; and heavy-duty trucks with up to 16,000 lb. lift capacity – ideal for rough terrain worksites with heavy bundles or extended loads like lumber or auto salvage yards.

We also supply a complete line of high capacity trucks from Drexel with features ranging from articulating masts and long-lift capabilities, to 3 or 4 wheel VNA forklifts and explosion-proof trucks.

The point is, if squeezing every drop of value out of your intermodal logistics is what keeps you up at night – Tynan can help Indiana businesses sleep easier with high capacity forklifts and trucks designed to save time, increase efficiency and make more money – in the yard, on the dock and in the warehouse.

Learn more about Tynan’s diverse selection of high capacity forklifts here.

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