3 Suggestions For Forklift Rodeo Activities In Indiana

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Forklift rodeos in Indiana can be a lot of fun. They’re called “rodeos” because you get to show off your skills as a lift truck driver by competing in challenging obstacle courses.

All you need to host a forklift rodeo is a warehouse, forklifts, obstacles, and judges. You can have activities set up outside. But we recommend a warehouse because Indiana weather is unpredictable.

You can place the obstacles in different arrangements to create fun (and safe) activities for the drivers. Here are 3 suggestions for forklift rodeo activities adapted from Ohio’s Rodeo Guide to help you get started.

1. Circle Driving Course

Arrange 10 obstacles in a 40 foot diameter circle. We suggest using pallets as obstacles since they’re readily available in a warehouse. Be sure to adjust the space between the obstacles based on the width of the forklift you’re using.

The object of this forklift rodeo driving course is to travel around the circle with your empty lift truck forks lowered. One lap is completed with the driver weaving between openings. You can have everyone go around the circle once, twice, or even drive forward for the first lap and in reverse on the second lap.

The driver with the fastest time wins this forklift rodeo course.

2. Bowling Course

Set up a bowling ball on a pallet 5-10 feet away from the starting line. For the makeshift bowling lane, you’ll need an 8-10 foot strip of carpeting, pvc pipes as bumpers, and 10 bowling pins. You may want to elevate one side of the lane so that it’s easier for the ball to roll. We recommend placing obstacles behind the bowling pins to stop the ball from rolling across the warehouse floor.

When the judge signals for you to start, drive the forklift to the pallet and pick it up. Be careful not to let it roll off the pallet or you’ll be disqualified. Turn and face the direction of the bowling pins. Drive toward the elevated end of the lane. Lift the forks high enough to drop the ball and have it roll. Aim for the middle of the lane so that you knock down most, if not all of, the pins.

The judge keeps tally of how many pins each driver knocks down. That’s why you’ll want to go for a strike every time!

You can play up to 10 rounds of this bowling course with up to 6 players. It all depends on how much time you have set aside for your forklift rodeo.

3. Basketball Course

For this basketball course, you’ll need a basketball, a regulation basketball hoop, and a traffic cone. Place the basketball on the cone 28-32 feet away from the starting line. And position the basketball hoop 40-45 feet away from the cone.

Start this course by standing on the outside of the lift truck. When the judge gives you the signal, get into the forklift and start the course. Move to the basketball resting on the cone. Pick it up with the tines and race toward the basket. Once you’re close enough, lift the forks up to the level of the basket. And try to drop it through the hoop. Go back to the starting line to finish this course.

You have 2 minutes to finish this course. If you drop the ball at any time, you’re disqualified.

Get More Ideas For Forklift Rodeos In Indiana

We’ve been driving and selling forklifts from Lafayette to Columbus, IN since 1960. And we’ve seen and been part of a number of forklift rodeos in Indiana over the years. Our experts are happy to share tips and tricks for a fun and safe event with you. If you want to know more about forklift rodeos - or forklifts in general, give us a call at (317) 597-4003!

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