How To Get A Forklift Certification In Indiana

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In order to drive a forklift in Indiana, your operators need to receive the proper training and certification.  Forklift certification in Indiana is more than just a hoop to jump through. It's necessary to ensure that the forklift is operated in a safe manner.  Getting certified should help your employees avoid accidents that can lead to damage, injuries, or death.

Luckily, certification for your operators can be obtained through forklift training at your site.  But what else do you need to help your drivers get a forklift certification in Indiana?

How Does Getting Forklift Certification In Indiana Work?

An effective way to make sure that your operators get their forklift certification in Indiana is to have them get one through your operation.  If you engaged in a train-the-trainer program, you will have all the tools available to provide instruction and certification. If your company does not have a trainer available, you can bring in an outside certified forklift trainer through a dealer, like Tynan.  

One good reason to certify employees on-site is that they get trained with the same forklifts you will use on a daily basis.  Training with your company also helps when you purchase a new piece of forklift equipment, as you may need additional certifications.

You may be enticed to have your employees take an online course.  But remember that forklift certification should have a practical side to it, which is tough to get online.  Many of these online providers only provide training through videos and quizzes.

Does An Indiana Forklift Certification Stay Valid Forever?

In Indiana, your operators must be recertified every 3-years.  This can also be done on-site through an employer or off-site at a certified training center.  It’s also a good idea to offer training when your operators need to use a new type of truck -- either your own or a forklift rental -- or you start using a forklift from a different manufacturer.

Let Tynan Help Your Indiana Company With Your Certification Needs

The first step in ensuring your operators are fully trained and certified is to call the experts at Tynan.  Our experts can offer both onsite trainings as well as train-the-trainer courses. Just call (317) 620-5602 to discuss your training needs.

All forklift operators need certification in Indiana.

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