How to Rent Forklifts & Material Handling Equipment in Indiana

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There are several reasons you might want to rent a forklift in Indiana. Whether you’re a contractor, are in a time crunch, have a fixed budget, or for any other reason, renting forklifts or material handling equipment is necessary for several Indiana businesses each quarter.

Here’s how the forklift rental process goes for most businesses working with Tynan Equipment Co.

The First Step in Renting Forklifts: Figuring Out What You Need

Before looking at your options for rental forklifts, you need to figure out what exactly you need from a lift truck. To figure out specifics, try to answer some of these questions.

  • Lift Height & Clearance: What’s the tallest shelving or rack that your rental forklift will need to reach? What’s the height of the lowest doorways or docks the rental lift will need to clear?
  • Fork Length & Type: Will your rental forklift be carrying pallets or lumber? This will affect the fork taper you’ll need. Will you be working with standard pallets or lifting any specialty orders that will require longer forks?
  • Forklift Tires: What kind of surface will your rental forklift need to work on? If you’re working only inside a warehouse, you’ll want a cushion tire forklift. For gravel or rougher floors, you’ll want a pneumatic tire forklift. And if you’re working on uneven ground or grass, you’ll need a completely different rough terrain forklift.
  • Engine Type: Are you working indoors or outdoors? If you’re indoors, you’re going to want an electric power forklift.

If you can narrow down your specific needs, the process for finding a rental forklift becomes much easier. But if you’re not completely sure, our rental specialists can help you identify your needs and recommend the best forklift for your operation.

Finalizing Your Forklift Rental Agreement

After you know the exact material handling equipment your business needs, the next step is finalizing your forklift rental agreement. Your terms, rental length, and comprehensive maintenance plan (which comes standard with all Tynan forklift rentals) will be agreed upon and the appropriate paperwork signed. For some material handling equipment rentals, a credit check may be required.

Working With Your Rental Forklifts

Once you’ve got your rental forklifts in your warehouse, that’s not the end of it. Many equipment managers neglect some vital things that can interfere with your daily work. Here’s a checklist of things to know while working with your rental forklifts:

  • If it’s an electric forklift, did it come with extra batteries and a charging station? Or is that something you need to rent separately?
  • If you’re renting a propane forklift in Indiana, did the rental come with extra propane tanks to refill?
  • Are all your operators trained and certified to operate any and all new rental forklifts?
  • Will your need for the rental forklift exceed your rental length terms? Will you need to shift to leasing the forklift in the future?

Turn To Tynan for Indiana Forklift Rentals

For Yale forklift rentals, Genie aerial lift rentals, Powerboss floor cleaner rentals, and everything in-between – turn to Tynan for Indiana’s best selection of equipment, know-how, and customer service. Call us at 317-597-4003 or request a quote online today.
Renting a Yale forklift in Indiana is simple with Tynan in your corner.

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