The Most Needed Forklift Safety Accessories In Indiana

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When it comes to forklifts, safety should be your number one priority.  Forklift operator training and conducive workplace conditions are both effective ways to help make your Indiana business safe. You can also outfit your fleet with forklift safety accessories that help avoid unnecessary accidents.

From forklift task lights to back-up sensors, here are the most needed forklift safety accessories in Indiana.

Forklift Lights Work Well In A Noisy And Busy Worksite

Blue lights mounted on the forklift will shine down to the ground. This allows other forklift drivers and pedestrians to see where you are -- even around corners.  A blue light spot can help both drivers and pedestrians know immediately where a forklift is located, how fast they’re driving, and where they’re headed.

Strobe lights are at eye level, and can also show when a forklift is just around the corner. Strobes work well in places that are dark but be aware that they are at eye level, and won’t show where a forklift is going.  Noisy operations may even want to install some lighted signs or floor LEDs that illuminate when a forklift is being used in the vicinity.

Back-Up Alarms And Safety Bars Stop Help You Be More Aware of What’s Behind You

In a busy warehouse, it can be fairly easy for a forklift to back into a person or rack.  Therefore, to prevent injury or death, it’s important to alert everyone around that the lift is going backward.  We have all heard the familiar beeping on larger vehicles, like a bus or truck, but they are equally helpful for your forklift.  New forklifts may already come with a back-up alarm, but it’s fairly easy to install one on an older model.

Likewise, your new forklifts may have a backup camera or sensors that help your operators identify what’s behind them.  Like a back-up camera in an SUV or minivan, these cameras can help your operators get a real-time look at what’s behind them.  With the screen, they can get better sightlines than twisting around and looking backward, which should also help with ergonomics as well as reduce accidents.

Safety bars and cages on the rear of the forklift can also be helpful if you do nudge something that can’t be seen.  By having this extra layer of protection, you lower the risk of running into a rack or pole at full speed. This forklift safety accessory should help prevent injury or damaged loads.

Low Tech Seat Caddies, Safety Vests, and Seat Belt Extensions May Be Your Best Forklift Safety Accessories

Many times some of the most useful forklift safety accessories are the simple, low-tech solutions that make your workplace safer.  For instance, seat caddies fit over a forklift seat and have pockets for things like cell phones, pencils, clipboards, tools, water, and other small items.  Without miscellaneous things in your hands or bouncing around in the cab, your operators can concentrate on the work at hand.

Other low-tech safety musts are concave mirrors for corners, painted traffic flow lines for floors, and metal speed limit and right of way signs.  And if your seatbelt doesn’t fit properly, don’t hesitate to replace it with one that does. Just like your family automobile, a seatbelt is the easiest way to prevent devastating injury from a crash.

Let Tynan Help Your Indiana Business Find The Perfect Forklift Safety Accessories In Indiana

Whether it’s finding a newer, safer forklift or installing blue lights to your existing fleet, Tynan can help your Indiana company avoid needless accidents.  Just call us at (317) 620-5914, and we’ll help you find the right forklift safety accessories in Indiana.

Some forklift safety accessories are simple, low-tech solutions that make your workplace safer.

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