The Case For Diesel Forklift Engines in Indiana

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word diesel? Maybe it’s the unique smell, or perhaps that lower cost per gallon price you see when driving by a gas station. What Indiana warehouse managers should be thinking about however is increased performance, high torque and hardiness when it comes to diesel engine forklifts.

Here are just a few of the reasons why a diesel powered lift truck might be just the thing your business is missing.

Diesel Forklifts Are The Top of Their Class in Strength

There’s a reason why 18-wheelers run on diesel fuel - diesel engines are powerhouses. Easily outclassing electric forklifts and even petroleum fuel based engines, diesel forklifts are able to accomplish the most difficult tasks. Diesel powered forklifts boast superior acceleration, lift speeds, and torque, making them perfect for heavy-duty jobs.

Another benefit diesel engine forklifts have over electric lifts is how easily they can be customized with hydraulic attachments. Since diesel engines don’t rely on the battery to run full-time, hydraulic clamps, spreaders and tipplers can be added without sapping the performance of the engine.

Diesel Forklifts Thrive Outdoors

The increased output of diesel engines make them perfect for outdoor applications. Their increased torque gives them the ability to work on a gradient that other lift trucks aren’t able to. Additionally, increased stability on uneven terrain make diesel lifts ideal for shipping yards, gravel lots, and other rough work areas.

An added benefit for diesel engines over other internal combustion (IC) engines such as propane-fueled ones is the lack of an external tank attachment. An attached propane tank can reduce visibility and are liable to be damaged in rough terrain, two worries that diesel lifts don’t have.

Keep in mind that another reason diesel engines are usually found outdoors is due to their exhaust. Diesel particulates and exhaust fume usually need outside air in order to dissipate, though with the right filtration and ventilation system additions some are able to function indoors without harming the air quality.

Diesel Lifts - A Question of Value

Some warehouse managers see that diesel lift trucks offer higher performance standards and automatically assume that they’re more expensive to purchase and maintain, but that’s not the case when you compare their bodies of work.

First, consider that diesel engine forklifts are more fuel efficient than other internal combustion engines like propane or natural gas, and can perform more work hours without requiring refueling. That’s not even mentioning the fact that diesel is typically less expensive than other IC engine fuel types.

And when compared to electric lifts, the downtime for refueling a diesel forklift is minutes rather than a whole 6 or more hours, which means time won’t be wasted waiting around for your forklift to recharge.

These benefits and more can add up to a lifetime of work that saves your business money on your fleet.

Talk to Indiana’s Forklift Authority

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Diesel forklifts thrive in outdoor applications for Indiana businesses.

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