Why More Businesses Buy Burden Carriers in Indiana

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All across Indiana, businesses are realizing how they can improve their operational efficiency with new equipment. New equipment extends beyond just Indiana forklifts, though. Whereas forklifts fulfill a necessary but niche role, equipment like burden carriers can be used in a variety of applications to improve your company’s day to day efficiency.

Here’s why so many Indiana businesses are turning to burden carriers to share the load.

Burden Carriers Are Versatile

The term “burden carrier” is kind of generic, isn’t it? But when you think about it, the term fits because burden carriers are able to fill a variety of roles, in a variety of environments. Let’s take a look at how their versatility has turned burden carriers into a must-have for certain businesses.

Burden Carriers Fill More Than One Role

What does a forklift do? Lifts and carries heavy loads. What does a floor scrubber do? Cleans floors. What does a burden carrier do? A lot.

Each business we work with might use their burden carrier in a different way. One company may use a burden carrier for their Safety Operations Manager to patrol a building throughout the day. Another might use a burden carrier as an emergency medical vehicle to cover their large premises. Still another company could use their burden carrier to haul up to 3,000 lbs of material from one section of their building to another.

When it comes to efficiency, a tool that can do multiple things is better than a tool that can do one. That’s why burden carriers are a smart choice for so many Indiana businesses.

Several Industries Can Use Burden Carriers

Some heavy-duty equipment really only shines in a single environment, say in a supply chain or warehouse. But burden carriers are members of a different family of equipment, as they see use across several industries from manufacturing to pharmaceuticals, food processing to steel mills, and any work environment that quickly needs to shuttle people or material from one area to another. Burden carriers are even used in shopping malls and sporting arenas, which goes to show you how widespread their usage is.

Burden Carriers Are Electric

All of our Cushman Burden Carriers run on electricity. So what does that have to do with their versatility?

Electric engine vehicles have a much lower maintenance threshold than internal combustion engines do. The lack of a fuel tank makes them more compact, allowing better maneuverability in tight spaces. Electric engines also cost much less to refuel. All these add up to a vehicle that can be used in a multitude of applications and settings, without worry of inflating costs.

Is A Burden Carrier Your Next Investment?

Ready to learn more about burden carriers for your Indiana business? Call Tynan Equipment Company at 317-507-4003 to speak with a Tynan Equipment professional about your company’s needs.

Cushman Burden Carriers are growing in Indiana.

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