What Aerial Lift or Cherry Picker Do You Need to Rent?

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If you’ve got a short term job that requires aerial lifts in Indiana, picking the right equipment to rent is a necessity. Choosing the right rental lift can help increase your team’s productivity, and can help bring projects in under time.

So what kind of aerial lift do you need? Take a look at your options for aerial lift rentals in Indianapolis.

When to Rent a Cherry Picker / Boom Lift

Cherry pickers (or boom lifts, technically) are some of the most common and useful aerial lifts you can rent. Boom lifts have three components: the base, the maneuverable arm, and the work platform. Within those three components there can be several distinctions: gas or electric motor, telescoping or articulating arm, and platform size and attachments. But overall, cherry pickers/boom lifts fit a specific niche of single-person platform work at high elevations.

Most often you’ll see cherry pickers used in municipal work (like telephone pole maintenance), construction, and any job where you need the freedom to move side to side.

When to Rent a Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts are so named due to the flexing motion of the hydraulics that expand like several pairs of scissors. Unlike boom lifts, scissor lifts have no horizontal motion other than moving the entire base. That means they’re most effective when you need to perform several tasks in a straight vertical line, without the need to adjust the horizontal plane. The majority of scissor lifts also have a fairly large work platform when compared to other lift types, making them ideal for two-man jobs at an elevation.

Scissor lifts are perfect for jobs on the sides of a building (think window washing or electrical work), mezzanine and shelving work, or for aerial work where you need to get under a structure (like hanging signage).

When to Rent a Telehandler

If you mixed a forklift with a boom lift, you’d get a telehandler. Telehandlers have the same articulating or telescoping arm as a cherry picker, but with the mast and fork of a forklift (or any other end attachment that’s needed).

Telehandler forklifts shine in rough terrain construction and agricultural handling, where you need the lifting power of a forklift, the maneuverability of a boom lift, and the rough terrain power of a diesel engine. These often aren’t short-term jobs, but if you have a contract coming up that requires that specific type of work, a telehandler should be your first and only choice.

Get Help with Your Aerial Lift Rentals in Indiana

Not sure what type of aerial lift you’ll need for your next contract? Don’t sweat it, the equipment experts at Tynan Equipment Company are here to serve Indiana, just like we have for the past 50+ years. Give us a call at 317-597-4003 to get in touch.

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