Sellick Rough Terrain Forklifts in Indiana

The majority of forklifts in Indiana are meant for smooth, flat, even surfaces found in typical factories, warehouses, retail spaces, and other industrial buildings. When you need material handling equipment that can navigate rough terrain, Sellick has the solution. Sellick’s lifts are a new generation of high-capacity and rough terrain forklifts, and they know their niche better than any other forklift manufacturer. For close to 50 years, Sellick has provided Indiana businesses with everything from simple tractor conversions to entire material handling fleets.

Whether your business needs to traverse gravel worksites, uneven earth, or shifting sands and loamy ground, Sellick lift trucks are the tools you need to keep your footing and get the job done.

To request a demo or learn more about how Tynan can put Sellick power to work for you, call us at 317-597-4003 today.

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Sellick Products & Service in Indiana

Tynan Equipment Company is proud to bring the power and dependability of the Sellick S series, S160, Teletruks and more to work for you. Sellick has been a trusted name in material handling equipment since the 1970’s, offering lifts with capacities ranging from 5,000 - 12,000 lbs on a single chassis. And with more than a dozen models to choose from, Tynan can help you find the perfect powerhouse for your workspace.

In addition, Tynan is your one-stop Sellick shop for parts, operator training, and dedicated forklift maintenance in Indiana. Our service technicians have the same expertise and training as Sellick’s own technicians, so they’re able to diagnose and fix any issues with your Sellick lifts, no matter if you own or rent them.