Cushman Carriers & Utility Vehicles in Indiana

Cushman® utility vehicles are an Indiana business’s most reliable workers. Cushman material handling equipment is known for its durability, versatility, and dependability, putting in long hours day in and day out without fail. Their wide array of Indiana utility vehicles include Cushman Haulers, Cushman Shuttles, Cushman Titans, and Cushman Tug tow tractors – everything from heavy-duty personnel transports for agriculture and sports venues to burden carriers with up to 3,000 pounds of tow force.

With both electric vehicles and traditional gas-powered carriers, plus an extensive list of options and accessories, Cushman is your source for power and mobility in your workspace. Call (317)-597-4003 to learn more about how we can connect you with the perfect burden carrier.

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Cushman Products & Service in Indiana

Cushman gets your Indiana business where it needs to go. Cushman Haulers are some of the most popular personnel carriers on the market, widely used on large farms, sports venues, factories and warehouses and more. The Cushman Titan packs as much power as you could ask for from a burden carrier, offering high torque and mobility in one package. And Cushman Tow tug tractors are indispensable for airport runway taxiing and warehouse, factory, and supply chain jobs. And that’s just the beginning of Tynan’s Cushman offerings.

Tynan Equipment Company also offers parts and on-site service and maintenance for all Cushman vehicles – whether you rent, buy or lease. Each of our service technicians are factory-certified and trained, guaranteeing you unparalleled service if your equipment ever does malfunction. With local service and a nationally-recognized brand, you can’t go wrong with Cushman & Tynan.