Why Buy An Articulated Forklift For Your Indiana Warehouse?

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When you want to buy a forklift, you have several options to look at. Many Indiana warehouses like articulated forklifts. They fit in narrow aisles, and their forks can pivot side-to-side for maneuvering loads better. This kind of versatility provides many benefits that traditional trucks do not.

So if you’re looking for a new forklift, here’s why you should consider buying an articulated forklift in Indiana.

They Fit In Small Spaces For More Inventory and Cost-Savings

One of the perks of articulated lifts for Indiana warehouse is that they fit in smaller aisles than most forklifts. That’s because these trucks are a type of narrow aisle lift. But don’t get confused--not all narrow aisle lifts are articulated.

While a standard forklift needs at least 11 feet of space to turn around in, some models of articulated narrow aisle trucks can move within as little as 3 feet. This smaller footprint means articulated forklifts work in more kinds of spaces and frees up more storage space in your warehouse. With these narrower trucks, you can create smaller aisles and squeeze more inventory into your storage area for higher profits.

For operations that rent storage space, narrow aisle lifts allow you to choose a smaller facility and save money. If you need cold storage, smaller trucks let you use a smaller warehouse and cut down on energy consumption and costs.

They Handle Better For Improved Productivity

Drivers often find narrow aisle forklifts more simple to drive because they are smaller. This also makes articulated lifts easier to learn how to operate, cutting down on training time.

Unlike other forklifts, articulated lifts have front steering assemblies that allow the mast to swivel and move the forks side-to-side. This unique configuration allows for more maneuvering when loading and unloading materials. An operator can retrieve and deposit more stock from any given position with fewer adjustments.

And articulated lifts don’t sacrifice strength for agility. Many articulated forklifts in Indiana warehouses still handle the same heavy loads as standard lifts. With easy driving and maneuvering, narrow aisle forklifts let operators move stock more efficiently and increase their productivity.

They Reduce The Risk Of Accidents

Driving around tight corners and stacks of inventory takes some real skills. But even the most experienced lift drivers bump things here and there. When forklift operators don’t have to maneuver large trucks in small spaces, they avoid most accidents. You can give your operators more room and less to worry about with nimble articulated forklifts.

Just as the slim profile of articulated lifts makes them easier to drive for productivity, the same can be said for safety. The easier it is to use this type of truck, the fewer mishaps you’ll have in your Indiana warehouse. That means less damaged stock and fewer injuries.

Want The Benefits Of An Articulated Forklift For Your Indiana Operation? Talk To Tynan

As Indiana’s premier forklift dealer, Tynan offers new and used forklifts of every size to meet your needs. Our experts can guide you through our selection of trucks and answer all of your questions. Call us today at 317-597-4003 to discuss how an articulated forklift can benefit your Indiana operation.

Articulating forklifts were created for loads with a specified maximum weight limit and have an increased maneuverability.

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