How Warehouse Automation Affects Your Forklift Fleet In Indiana

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More and more warehouses have turned to automation to aid productivity. Perhaps your operation has joined those using warehouse automation in Indiana. If so, how will it affect your forklift fleet?

How Warehouses Use Automation in Indiana

Warehouse automation uses modern systems and equipment to do warehouse tasks more efficiently. It saves the cost of labor and reduces strain on workers in physically demanding jobs.

Warehouse automation equipment can look like something from science fiction. Robotic autonomous forklifts and automated guided vehicles now retrieve and move stock without a human operator. Similarly, automated cleaning machines provide floor care without a human operator. All of this incredible technology saves warehouses time and money.

Perhaps the most common type of warehouse automation in Indiana is data automation. Many warehouses today use cutting-edge computer systems to monitor warehouse activities and analyze data to make improvements. Barcode scanners help record where your stock moves to. Wireless fleet management tools use sensors to track forklift activities in real-time. New “Internet of Things” technology connects devices and systems for all levels of activities to communicate and coordinate their work.

With this data collected in the background by these innovative systems, warehouses now have the information they need to identify issues and improve processes.

Forklifts Aren’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

While many warehouses use driverless forklifts and other automation tools, they have some drawbacks. Autonomous forklifts and other equipment require a big budget upfront, new training, and significant time to get used to. You may decide that your traditional forklifts are better for your operation.

If manned forklifts work well for you, there’s no need to change. However, other warehouse automation options can help you optimize your forklift fleet.

Fleet management systems combine automation with traditional forklifts. They track fleet activities, costs, and service histories so that you can manage how you use your fleet better. You can see how much you use specific forklifts, how much an old forklift costs you in repairs, and more. All of this tracking helps your warehouse be more efficient.

With data from a fleet management system, you can also monitor safety, operational compliance, and trends on the same platform. This data tells you how staff use forklifts. You might find they need more safety training. You can address non-compliance issues before they turn into an OSHA violation. And identifying what models of forklifts your employees prefer can help you decide what models to buy in the future.

Optimize Your Indiana Forklift Fleet with Tynan

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Warehouse automation can help you optimize your forklift fleet.

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