3 Common Forklift Replacement Parts In Indiana

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Regular maintenance on your forklift fleet keeps all of your trucks in excellent condition. Sometimes that maintenance includes replacing old or damaged parts that can cause worse problems later if not addressed now. Some components that work the hardest need changed out more often than others. When you keep an eye on them, you can replace them as soon as they show signs of overuse.

Not sure what areas of your forklifts wear out fastest? These are the most common forklift replacement parts Indiana operations need to keep their fleets in good working order.

Forklift Mast Lift Chains That Do the Heavy Lifting

Forklift mast lift chains are among the forklift replacement parts Indiana operations most often need because they endure so much work and strain.

Many forklift parts work together to lift and maneuver a load, but the lift chains take on the heaviest work. When moving stock or materials, the lift chains raise the carriage and forks and bear all of that weight. They also go up and down all day with the forklift mast. All of this stress on the lift chains wears them down over time.

Because lift chains support so much weight during operation, they need to be kept in good condition. An overworked chain could snap and cause damage or injury. Forklift owners should monitor the state of their lift chains and replace them before they break. Typically, lift chains last about three years or for no more than 6,000 work hours. After that, plan to replace your chains for everyone’s safety.

Tires to Give Your Forklifts a Smooth Ride

Forklift tires also bear a lot of weight since they carry the whole vehicle. They also must traverse the terrain of your workplace, going back and forth day after day. Even on smooth warehouse floors, forklift tires quickly deteriorate from lots of mileage.

Worn tires create a workplace safety hazard. They also make for an uncomfortable, bumpy ride. If your lift’s tires show signs of tearing, balding, flattening, or chunking, contact your preferred forklift replacement parts dealer in Indiana. To get ahead of that kind of damage, replace forklift tires regularly, generally when there is less than one inch between the lettering on the tires and the top of the tires.

Oil and Air Filters to Protect Forklift Engines

Oil and air filters protect your forklift’s engine from debris that can harm it. While an old filter itself won’t stop your forklift from working, it might not catch particles that can cause your engine to work overtime and wear out faster. Ignoring these small parts can cause a huge problem later when a forklift engine suddenly fails!

To keep your forklifts running efficiently and prevent avoidable breakdowns, change out the oil and air filters after every 200 hours of use. A replacement filter costs much less than a major forklift engine repair and requires less downtime.

Tynan Has All of Your Forklift Replacement Parts in Indiana

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Regular maintenance will ensure that your forklift operates efficiently.

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